How are you educating others about the benefits of Collaborative Practice? by Linda Wray, Nancy Williger and Randy Heller

by Guest Blogger June 03, 2013

What contributes to a “successful” Collaborative case?

What causes a case to be regarded as less than “successful”?

How often is a full Collaborative team used in your Practice Group?

What is the rate of settlement of Collaborative cases in your Practice Group?

How long are cases taking?

What do Collaborative cases cost?

We can, of course, discuss these and many other questions among ourselves to get a sense of the nature and value of our services. But research data can arm practitioners with needed evidenced-based information that can be shared with clients and the broader public to advance Collaborative Practice.

Please join the IACP Research Committee on June 19th for a Practice Group Development phone bridge to learn more about conducting research within your Practice Group.

Let's get the conversation started - please share your comments regarding research below!

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7/9/2013 9:55:50 PM #

Linda, Nancy and Randy:

I am sorry to have missed the Phone Bridge.  I think they are a great resource for the Collaborative Community.  

I have registered for the Forum and I will be attending the Sunday session the Committee will be presenting there.  In the meantime, I am wondering what current work the Committee is doing to gather data on collaborative cases around the world to share with the community at large.

When I first started doing Collaborative cases in 2008 I recall that we were able to report our cases through IACP, which then came out with a report on the cases reported.  I found that process to burdensome and not very successful.

Is there a similar plan in the works for gathering information on cases so that we can use the information to educate our communities and our clients?


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7/19/2013 8:15:30 AM #

Thank you, Linda, for presenting the phone bridge on IACP Research.  This (along with your program in April) helped spark a discussion, and within the next couple of months we will have our own research survey in Tampa Bay, and possibly throughout the state of Florida.

This is so important so we can more effectively and accurately describe the collaborative process to colleagues, potential clients, and first responders.

Best regards,
Adam B. Cordover

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