When in Rome!

by Talia Katz May 02, 2013

Seated from left to right: Corinna Marzi, Marco Calabrese, Paola Bucciarelli , Francesca Ballanti, Francesca Massi, Maria Rita Teofili, Donatella; 

Standing: Antonella, Maria Rita Consegnati, Marina Petrolo, Alessia Capilupi, Adriana Galimberti

I apparently found just the right day to visit with members of IICL in Rome as there was a celebration planned to welcome new Board and practice group members. It was a delightfully warm and lively party! I am always stuck by the genuine conviviality of gatherings of Collaborative professionals.  There is certainly something special about the coming together of like-minded folks who share a commitment to common goals that makes these gatherings so great - whether they take place in Rome or in Chicago. We Collaborative practitioners really do enjoy one another, don't we? 

In addition to the great food and camaraderie, we did spend a little time attending to business. IICL has invested heavily in translation of documents found on the IACP website and in training its members. Much work is being done to address the unique cultural needs of the Italian public in the context of CP. The passionate commitment to making CP a viable alternative in Italy is undeniable and we wish this group much continued success!

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5/5/2013 7:55:04 PM #

Welcome, friends from Rome. It is wonderful to see Collaborative Practice grow in Rome and throughout Italy.

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5/6/2013 8:11:46 AM #

I appreciate the work that those in Rome and throughout Europe are doing to translate and share their documents, forms and other materials.  None of us can do it alone!

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