Meet Anne from Glasgow

by Talia Katz April 15, 2013

I had such a lovely time today meeting with Anne Dick, from Glasgow, representing Consensus Scotland. Anne was kind enough to travel to London to meet with me here. By all accounts, the Collaborative community in Scotland is thriving! After catching their collective breathe as hosts of last year's very successful European Collaborative Conference (which was held in Edinburgh), they have turned their attention again to training. Like most communities around the globe, the Scots have identified training as the foundation for successful delivery of Collaborative services as well as the health and well-being of their practice group. Having received excellent training from several sources over the years, Anne shared with me their current plan to get everyone on the same page, so to speak. They intend to accomplish this through a series of training modules which are being conducted by Consensus Scotland throughout the year. Those who received their basic training in the earlier years will now be required to take one or more additional training modules in order to renew their membership so that all Consensus members have the same essential understanding and training. Many communities are fortunate enough to learn from a variety of trainers over the course of years. However, this can sometimes result in a “disconnect” between what different members may have learned from one trainer to another. By developing a series of courses, taught by local trainers, the Scottish community will be able to supplement, fill in any gaps and ensure that the whole practice group is moving forward in sync. Sounds to me like a brilliant approach!

Anne also asked that I share with the community Scotland's gratitude for IACP's generosity over the years in freely sharing resources, guidance, support and encouragement. I am, of course, delighted to pass this along. It’s so gratifying to see what was once a new and emerging Collaborative community mature into an established, connected and flourishing community of Collaborative professionals serving families throughout Scotland. Kudos to you, Consensus Scotland! Glad we were able to lend a hand! 

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Anne, and all the Scots I met last year when I had the good fortune to attend the Edinburgh conference, are enthusiastic and committed.  I think their idea for "syncing" all practitioners is a great one.  I hope we can do that here in Massachusetts!

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