A New Door Has Opened

by Ron Ousky October 12, 2012

The greatest contribution of Collaborative Practice was opening the door to fresh thinking.   Taking divorce settlements out of the shadow of the courthouse has required professionals all over the world to think about family conflict in new ways.  Since 1990, thousands of Collaborative Professionals have been sharing thoughts about how to best serve families in this new paradigm.  This has led to a remarkable evolution of ideas on how to transform the way that we help these families in need.    


In spite of all that occurred so far, I cannot escape the feeling that the biggest explosion of fresh thinking is just around the corner.  In a world of blogs, social network sites and complete world connectivity, new ideas are traveling at lightning speed. A fresh thought going to seed on my laptop on a cool fall evening can be sent around the world with one click of the mouse.  

We now have new canvasses to help us paint tomorrow’s landscape.  With a few keystrokes we may be able to cast our ideas to Collaborators all around the world.  If just one of them takes the idea and raises it to a new level, the collective Collaborative Wisdom will continue to expand.

With so much information flowing into our crowded lives, the new challenge is in knowing what to let in. Having so many ideas circulating can be like turning a fire hose onto a teacup.  How do we find the ideas that resonate with us when our inbox is overflowing?   In economy theory, “free marketplace of ideas” will cause the most compelling ideas to rise to the top.  In practice, the ideas need to come from a place that we learn to trust in order to get the attention of curious Collaborators around the world.  

During the past 12 years, the IACP has worked to build the trust of the Collaborative community through facilitating the exchange ideas that are useful in our effort to change the world.  This blog site now provides a powerful tool to reach out in new ways.  In an effort to retain that trust, the IACP has asked a handful of bloggers to help get the conversation started.  I am humbled and blessed to be a part of that conversation and I hope to find words that will be worthy of this space.

I am confident that this blog site will be a fresh field for ideas to flourish. I realize that will not always be the case.  Some ideas will be read and circulated; others will be quickly perused and ignored.  However, it is our goal that this site, so carefully crafted by the IACP, will hit the right note often enough to make it worth your while to pay us a visit from time to time.   

So, welcome to the great new marketplace of ideas. The new door has been opened. Thanks for stopping by.

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10/26/2012 7:22:02 AM #

Hi Ron, good post and it was good having a brief talk in Chicago.  I look forward to sharing thoughts at the Collaborative Campfire here with you and others in IACP.

View my profile on www.collaborativepractice.com

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