A Collection of Kindred Spirits

by Kevin Scudder October 08, 2012


Between you and me, the Collaborative Brain Trust was not my idea.  Somebody else came up with the idea.  Perhaps Talia Katz is the inspiration behind this effort because one day I opened my email inbox to find an invitation from her to join this Team.  Talia may say, however, that the development of this site was organic and formed in response to a need in the Collaborative Community for a place where theory, information, and insight can be shared without the distractions common with other social media. 


Early in our blogger's organization we had the discussion of “who does what”.  In this case, who writes on what topics?  Do the contributors have “rights” to write about certain areas of collaborative practice?  Would someone be offended if somebody else wrote about an area in which they are not considered an expert?


As it turned out, the issue quickly took care of itself.  As we were talking Harry Tindall chimed in, saying (my paraphrasing): “I am interested in writing about the UCLA and about statutory law.  I am not interested in writing about practice groups!” 


Being very passionate about practice group development and a member of the IACP Practice Group Development Committee I breathed a sigh of relief and allowed myself a small chuckle.  When everyone on the phone call paused to catch their breath I took the opportunity to thank Harry, assuring him that I had the practice group side of things covered and that he will not be reading any posts from me on statutes.  I am more than happy to leave that area in his capable hands.


Looking at the formation of the Collaborative Brain Trust I am struck by the fact that the people contributing to this discussion bring with them many years of experience and a wide range of interests.  We are lucky to have access to their thoughts and musings. 


We are a collection of kindred spirits brought together by a common purpose, to generate a dialogue about the work that we do, explore the ways that we can do it better, and find the ways to make the practice available to a greater number of people.


Through this dialogue Collaborative Practice will be raised to a higher level.

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