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Divorce: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

by Ron Ousky December 23, 2014

  Expanding Our Thinking About Love, Compassion and Forgiveness in Our Work.The most recent edition of the Collaborative Review focused on articles about love, forgiveness and compassion in Family Law. Our hope is to stimulate a dialogue, around the Be-Fulfilled &ldqu...  READ THE FULL POST

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Those Crazy Minnesotans... "Here they go again"

by Ron Ousky April 08, 2013

We are about to do something a little crazy in Minnesota.  Yes, again. We have publicly proclaimed our intention to grow Collaborative Practice by 50% in our community in one year. And we intend to succeed.    Why have we put so much on this solitary goal...  READ THE FULL POST

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Cooperating with Cooperative Attorneys

by Ron Ousky November 03, 2012

 I have been struggling with the right way to relate to Cooperative Attorneys in our community.   For those of you that are not familiar with Cooperative Law, it can be most easily described as Collaborative Law without the Withdrawal Agreement. I know that ...  READ THE FULL POST

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A New Door Has Opened

by Ron Ousky October 12, 2012

The greatest contribution of Collaborative Practice was opening the door to fresh thinking.   Taking divorce settlements out of the shadow of the courthouse has required professionals all over the world to think about family conflict in new ways.  Since 1990, ...  READ THE FULL POST

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