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When Fairness Leads to Impasse

by Mark Weiss August 22, 2013

Recently, I worked on a case where the couple suspended the Collaborative process so they could work on their divorce on their own. The Wife Was Being Fair My client, the wife, asked that she experience no financial repercussions due to the divorce. After all, it was only &l...  READ THE FULL POST

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Perishable Skills

by Mark Weiss July 09, 2013

  Who doesn’t want to be on their top game? If we want to “play” at that top level, we have to combat the phenomenon that gradually and subtly erodes our skills to work effectively in Collaborative cases. Specifically, I am talking about protecting the...  READ THE FULL POST

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Options for Consideration

by Mark Weiss April 08, 2013

In Collaborative Practice, we work with clients so they can choose the best available solution for them. Choosing the best available solution implies that the clients have considered alternatives before making their selection. Of course, this only works if there are several ...  READ THE FULL POST

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Blaming the Process

by Mark Weiss April 07, 2013

When has litigation failed? I sometimes hear litigators assert that the Collaborative process has “failed” and give harsh criticism about the process. You may have heard a litigator expound on a client story and blame the Collaborative process for the experience....  READ THE FULL POST

The Safety Checklist

by Mark Weiss January 15, 2013

“Participation Agreement signed? Check!” “Client meeting scheduled? Check!” “Safety for all? Uhh …”   Collaborative Practice trainers and practitioners often talk about the importance of “safety” or a “safe en...  READ THE FULL POST

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Understanding Interests

by Mark Weiss November 17, 2012

My “Interests”? On my mortgage and credit card? Sometimes working with clients can seem like a conversation in the Tower of Babel. How often have you tried to explain interest-based negotiation only to get a blank stare from your client? Or watched your client di...  READ THE FULL POST

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Empowering Clients

by Mark Weiss October 05, 2012

  It all sounds so simple – we support and empower clients to resolve their own conflicts. Most of us probably have an innate sense that empowering our clients is important. Stanford University professor Frederic Luskin notes that in every conflict both parties fe...  READ THE FULL POST

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