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Reflections from an Intern by Martha C. McLarney

by Guest Blogger May 20, 2016

Privileged, awed, inspired, encouraged, validated, motivated, and frustrated were all feelings I had during my experience as a law student intern, with the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, more specifically the Access to Collaboration Task...  READ THE FULL POST

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Access to Collaboration - What's New? by Deirdre Severide, Irene King and Karen Levitt

by Guest Blogger May 20, 2016

The IACP Access to Collaboration Task Force is charged with administering the Access to Collaboration grant program and monitoring the progress of grant recipients, as well as collecting and disseminating to IACP members information about Access to Collaboration. In additio...  READ THE FULL POST

Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce: Helping Others While Helping Yourself by Adam B. Cordover

by Guest Blogger August 26, 2014

Are you a newly-trained Collaborative practitioner who is frustrated? Have you gone through basic training, joined the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and paid membership dues into a local practice group, yet you have not had your first Collaborative ca...  READ THE FULL POST

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Confession: Letting Go Is Not as Easy as Elsa Says by Randolph (Tré) Morgan III

by Guest Blogger July 15, 2014

One of the key skills to being a good Collaborative attorney is “letting go.” In order to let a client and a couple self-determine their resolution, we have to let go of the idea of winning and losing, the idea of what “should” happen, and the idea th...  READ THE FULL POST

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Civil CP in Spain by María Jose Anitua Trevijano

by Guest Blogger July 07, 2014

I can’t imagine a better starting for Collaborative Practice in our country. We wanted to introduce Collaborative Practice in civil disputes and so invited Paul Faxon, Susan Miller and Linda Cohan to provide an introductory training in Madrid. In order to help bus...  READ THE FULL POST

Public Education Outreach for Practice Groups by Lynda Robbins, Mike Fancher and Selina Trigg

by Guest Blogger July 03, 2014

Is your Practice Group struggling with how to attract more Collaborative work?    Too often our members take Collaborative Practice training and then wonder “Where are my Collaborative cases?” They may also look to you, their Practice Group leader, aski...  READ THE FULL POST

Litigator to Collaborator by Dennis Lerner

by Guest Blogger December 04, 2013

I don my armor with its collected dents from hard fought battles.   Who can remember which were wins and which losses?   Weren’t they all both?  Even the wins, I think, were more loss than win.   It is hot in here. Perhaps a foreshadowing of my end....  READ THE FULL POST

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How are you educating others about the benefits of Collaborative Practice? by Linda Wray, Nancy Williger and Randy Heller

by Guest Blogger June 03, 2013

What contributes to a “successful” Collaborative case? What causes a case to be regarded as less than “successful”? How often is a full Collaborative team used in your Practice Group? What is the rate of settlement of Collaborative cases in your Prac...  READ THE FULL POST

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The UCLA --- Moving Forward by Harry Tindall, J. Mark Weiss and Maury White

by Guest Blogger April 09, 2013

How do you get the UCLA to become law? We will be discussing this topic on an upcoming phone bridge hosted by the IACP Practice Group Development Committee. IACP members will receive more details about this presentation via email very soon.   In the meantime, we would l...  READ THE FULL POST

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Strategic Planning for Practice Groups by Catherine Conner and Talia Katz

by Guest Blogger March 07, 2013

Does your Practice Group have a Strategic Plan?   Do you want one?   Practice groups often grapple with the issue of long-range planning. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day details of running an organization and much tougher to maintain focus on b...  READ THE FULL POST

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Guest Blog by Stu Webb

by Guest Blogger January 16, 2013

How to Avoid the Claim that “YOU AREN’T VERY COLLABORATIVE” You know, to be truthful, authentic Collaborative work requires working from our authentic selves. Why? The disclaimer provision (the requirement of withdrawal from representation if sett...  READ THE FULL POST

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Jose, the Divorce Therapy Dog by Lori D. Becker, Bloomfield Hills, MI

by Guest Blogger December 12, 2012

I adopted José, a 10-pound Chihuahua, at the “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo” pet rescue/adoption event. I initially brought him into the office for the day because he had not yet integrated with the other dogs I had at home. However, his first day ...  READ THE FULL POST

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