The Many Faces of IACP

IACP's 2013 Year In Review

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Get to know your Collaborative colleagues from around the world! Watch these to learn more about what’s happening in our global Collaborative community. Share your thoughts and those of your Practice Group by uploading your own videos. You’ll find easy instructions below. Let us hear from you!

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25 Years of Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Professionals around the world reflect on the impact of Collaborative Practice over the last 25 years and what they see for the future of the movement.

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Collaborative Jazz

Stu Webb combined his passion for Jazz music with Collaborative Practice in this presentation shown at the 16th Annual Forum in Washington, D.C.

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Practicas Colaborativas

Collaborative Practice is born in Brazil! To learn more, read the post on the Blog page.

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AIADC Board Meeting in Milan

The Board of AIADC shares appreciation...

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5th European CP Conference

Christan Zantboer, President of the Association of Collaborative Professionals in the Netherlands, speaks about the upcoming conference and the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

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Collaborative Divorce in Italy

TG3 06 Maggio 2014 - Divorzio Collaborativo

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Singing in Dublin

Talia Katz joined the ACP Board for an evening full of food, song and laughter!

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ACP Board Meeting in Ireland

The ACP Board discusses a new idea to provide clients with a "package" for Collaborative services.

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Lunch in Lille with Dominique and Brigitte

Talia Katz met with Dominique Lopez-Eychenie and Brigitte Bogucki in Lille, France.

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Join the party in Vancouver

The Vancouver Group always enjoys a good party!

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Standing Together at the launch

Attendees of the 2012 Annual Forum joined together as a community to celebrate the launch of our "campfire in cyberspace".

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Thank you for coming to Chicago!

A thank you from our Illinois Forum attendees for visiting their great city!

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Thank you for a great Forum!

Forum attendees from Canada gathered together to say hello to the Collaborative community from the Forum in Chicago, IL.

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Tour the Sonomoa Collaborative Practice Center!

For those of you thinking about starting a Collaborative Practice center in your community, you'll be interested in this.

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Greetings from Cincinnati!

Hello from the the Steering Committee of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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Greetings from California!

CCRE shares a video of their recent training with Gabor Mate.

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Greetings from Massachusetts!

Members of MCLC and their new Collaborative Practice trainees send their best wishes from New England.

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Greetings from Israel!

Members from practice groups across Israel talk about Collaborative Practice in their country.

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Greetings from Italy!

Collaborative Professionals from Italy take a break from training with Sherri Goren Slovin and Barbara Hummel to say hello to the world.

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Greetings from PEI!

Members of Collaborative Practice PEI in Canada gather for a meeting and take a break to say hello.

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Greetings from Stu Webb!

The founder of Collaborative Practice talks about where we began and we're heading with

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